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Pile Works

Pile work has the following method.

  • Earth Drill Method  (Cast-in place pile method)
  • Benoto Method(All casing cast-in place pile method)
  • Earth Drill Method  (Cast-in place pile method)

    This construction method uses a rotating drilling bucket to excavate the ground and bring out earth and sand to the surface; so in principle, casings are not required and cast-in pile construction can be done without using any lining. Slurry such as bentonite is used if the bore wall needs to be protected..

    Earth Drill Method


    Benoto Method (All casing cast-in place pile method)

    ベBenoto MethodThis construction method is highly reliable, even when compared to other cast-in place pile methods. It oscillates and press fits casing tubes using a hydraulic jack to construct a cast-in place concrete pile. As it can be used on a wide-range of soil types, this method can ensure a high degree of vertical accuracy for piles on almost any type of ground.


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