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Foundation Engineering

The Foundation Engineering work, there are three construction below.

  • Chemical Grouting
  • High Pressure Jet Mixing
  • Forced Agitation Mixing
  • Chemical Grouting

    This construction method is used in foundation engineering to strengthen the ground by injecting chemicals into it to reduce the level of permeability.



    • Can be used for almost all ground types from viscous and sandy soil to sandy gravel.
    • Extremely reliable, as the effects of the grouting can be checked as its being done.
    • Work can be stopped as required even during the injenction process, which allows for the safe management of construction work.
    • Construction is simple, easy to perform and economical.

    High Pressure Jet Mixing

    This construction method uses high pressure applied to water to obtain a powerful energy that can break the ground structure and bring it up to the surface. This creates man-made spaces within the ground, which are then filled with hardener to firmly solidify it. Soil and hardener are used alternately as much as possible.

    High Pressure Jet Mixing


    • The spaces cut into the ground are filled with hardener, ensuring that all targeted areas in the specified range are safely constructed.
    • Can be used for all soil types from sludge to soft rock. This method is particularly optimal for sandy soil with a high N value.
    • Doesn’t require expensive chemicals, which makes it economical.
    • Compressed air lifts the slime within the ground to the surface, which increases the cutting effect of this construction method and gives it a wide range of applications。

    Forced Agitation Mixing

    This construction method uses an auger to excavate the ground, and can be used on soft soil as well as hard soil consisting of gravel and various stones. As it uses a mixing impeller to forcefully agitate grout and soil, it can also help improve viscous soil and peat, which had been difficult to achieve using conventional construction methods.

    Forced Agitation Mixing


    • The construction method of forced agitation can be used on any type of ground surface.
    • This two-mixture method allows users to freely select the grout mixture to match the soil condition of the improved ground.
    • No pressure is applied to the grout, so there is no impact on the surrounding ground area.

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