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The future with the possibility is created-Brain Sorming  NISHOKEN CO., Ltd


NISOHKEN Co,.Ltd has a number of achievements.

¡UAV Business
¡Foundation engineering
chemical grouting, high pressure jet mixing, forced agitation mixing
¡Groundwater lowering method
deep well, well point
¡Joint pipe injection work
¡Anchor work@
permanent anchors, removable anchors
¡Pile works@
earth drill method, benoto pile method, all casing method, rock auger method
¡Chicago (board) construction
¡Reinforcement, repair work@
floor slabs, bridge piers, concrete structures, water and sewage pipes
¡Water jet work @
ultrahigh-pressure water gouging, abrasion, abstersion, etc.
¡Waterproofing work @
sheets, asphalt, etc.
¡Geological surveying, measuring
¡Utility work @
all types - electricity, gas, water, sewage systems, etc.
¡General civil engineering, construction
¡All other work for the above construction methods@
design, management, implementation, maintenance

If you work for construction, please contact us for anything.

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